Digital Marketing Audit
Marketing strategies for estate planning attorneys
For elder law firms, their current client base requires their fullest attention, as there are end-of-life, asset protection, and other all-important matters at hand. That’s why any in-house or third-party marketing effort must count, and without forcing attorneys or their staff to master a new separate trade. We’ll cover the most time-tested marketing strategies for
probate attorney marketing strategy session
Just like any other business, probate law firms face stiff competition in the ever-changing market. Traditionally, lawyers could depend on direct referrals by previous clients and word of mouth to get new clients. However, in today’s digital landscape, most, if not all, potential clients are going online to search, and research, probate attorneys before hiring.
getting probate leads
Whether you’re a solo practitioner in a single city or a multi-city elder law firm, you need to constantly reevaluate your marketing strategies in order to grow. Depending on word of mouth or referrals alone to get new clients is no longer sustainable—you need legal digital marketing if you are trying to expand. The average
how to market and grow your firm
Estate planning law firms that hope to be successful have to get the attention of clients that need assistance planning estates and wills. Learning how to market your estate planning firm will help you establish expertise and position your firm for success. Established estate planning law firms can be difficult to compete with. New DIY