Learning How to Market Your Estate Planning Firm

how to market and grow your firm

Estate planning law firms that hope to be successful have to get the attention of clients that need assistance planning estates and wills. Learning how to market your estate planning firm will help you establish expertise and position your firm for success. Established estate planning law firms can be difficult to compete with. New DIY legal websites allow people to get the forms they need so they can do their estate planning on their own. When you offer valid and relevant answers to the questions clients often have, it builds trust in your audience and they will seek your firm out for more information.

Identify Who To Market Your Estate Planning Firm To

Before you can begin marketing you must determine who your marketing efforts will be aimed at reaching. Wondering how to market your estate planning firm? Start by creating a client persona (or multiple). Your client persona is a representation of the specific clients you aim to reach. Your client persona should identify specific demographics, level of education, employment, family status, and much more information. When you have identified your client persona you can figure out where to find your potential clients.

Where to Market Your Estate Planning Firm

One of the most important factors that will affect the return on investment (ROI) of your marketing plan is the placement of your information. If you want to get new leads, you need to make sure that your firm is visible where clients look for estate planning firms. And your clients usually look for estate planning firms where they look for nearly everything, on Google.

Set Your Goals

In order to gauge the success of your marketing activities you will need to begin by setting specific goals that your firm hopes to accomplish through marketing. Without specific goals, it is difficult to know how to market your estate planning firm, and when your marketing efforts are moving in the right direction. Marketing goals should be set with a focus on long-term growth.

Top Channels for Marketing Your Estate Planning Law Firm

Alright, now we know the basics of how to market your estate planning firm, let’s dive deeper. More specifically, you need to have a presence in the networks and communities where people are looking for an estate planning lawyer. Here are five channels that your estate planning law firm should be utilizing in order to see a tremendous increase in traffic for your estate planning law firm.                                                                                                           

Google Business Profile

Google offers a free directory for all businesses to use to display their information and Google reviews. Businesses are even able to make posts on their Google Business Profile which should be optimized for search engines.

Optimized website content

Having an online presence is vital to the growth of your law practice. This starts with building a website that explains who your firm is, and the practice areas your firm handles. Each practice area can have a landing page that explains the practice area in depth, these landing pages give you somewhere to build backlinks to with your blog posts. 


After you have built your firm’s website, you should add a blog. A blog is used by estate planning firms to post informational and informal posts that are intended to draw web traffic and build backlinks to your practice area pages. Building backlinks gives your website authority and improves its ranking in the eyes of Google.

Social media platforms

There are several big social media platforms, each platform having a slightly different audience. Estate planning firms should focus their social media efforts on LinkedIn because it is a professional networking platform. But Facebook and Twitter are also good choices for building your social media presence.

In your community

You should still be building a presence in-person in addition to your website. A great way to get the attention of potential clients is through community involvement. This could mean sponsoring a local marathon or sports team, a float in a local parade, or being a guest speaker at local events. However, once you have presented yourself in front of people, you still want them to fill out a form submission on your website so that you can track their progress as a lead. It will be easier to follow up with them at the appropriate times and will make closing a sale much easier.

Why Marketing is Important for Estate Planning Firms

Marketing allows an estate planning firm to demonstrate the firm’s knowledge and experience. This is how a firm becomes an expert and an authority in the practice area of estate planning. Once your firm is an authority you are the source people look to for answers on a topic.

Measuring the Success of Marketing Channels for Estate Planning Firms

The specific channels you choose to use and the goals you have set for your marketing campaigns will determine the specific metrics your firm should be monitoring and how often. The campaigns cost your firm money, time, and effort. You want to track your ROI.

Metrics for Tracking Marketing ROI for an Estate Planning Firm

These are some of the most helpful metrics for tracking the ROI of your firm’s marketing efforts.

  • Total Website Traffic
  • Total Website Leads
  • Visit-to-lead ratio or conversion rate
  • Individual traffic source traffic
  • Conversions by source
  • Social Reach
  • Website Engagement Rate

Once your marketing is in place, you begin the marketing cycle of monitoring, measuring key metrics, and making improvements. Set a schedule for when to measure each metric, evaluate the data, then immediately make the adjustments that you deem necessary.

Alerio Can Help Market Your Estate Planning Firm

At Alerio, we work to assist law firms with a variety of marketing activities including:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Lead generation
  • Website development and design
  • Content marketing 
  • E-mail marketing
  • Social media management

These are just a few of the services that Alerio can offer to boost your firm’s authority and drive traffic to your website. When you have a full-service marketing agency that specializes in custom marketing solutions for law firms, you are able to go about business as usual and feel confident that all of your firm’s marketing goals are being monitored, the marketing efforts are being tracked, and adjustments are continuously being made. Just a few reasons why you should opt for professional legal marketing services.

Let Alerio Help With Your Estate Planning Firm’s Marketing Efforts

Alerio can help you get your firm’s online presence and authority where you want it to be. Estate planning lawyers are not all natural marketers, and there is tremendous potential to be realized by working with estate planning firm marketing experts. Contact Alerio to get a quote.