Top 7 Probate Attorney Marketing Ideas

probate attorney marketing strategy session

Just like any other business, probate law firms face stiff competition in the ever-changing market. Traditionally, lawyers could depend on direct referrals by previous clients and word of mouth to get new clients. However, in today’s digital landscape, most, if not all, potential clients are going online to search, and research, probate attorneys before hiring. With this in mind, it’s crucial to develop and implement a legal digital marketing strategy for your estate planning and probate administration law firm. This will allow you to find more, higher-quality leads and convert a larger percentage of them into clients, leading to growth and expansion for your firm. Probate attorney marketing strategies can vary depending on many things, though.

The digital marketing experts at Alerio have researched and come up with these top seven probate marketing ideas you can implement quickly in order to generate and convert more leads for your probate law firm. Let’s get started.

1. Ensuring You Have A User-Friendly Website

If your law practice still doesn’t have a solid website, or if you’re running on an outdated one, then you’re missing a lot. These days, almost all prospective clients will likely visit your site before contacting you. Therefore, designing and developing a user-friendly website containing the information leads are looking for is essential.

So, how do you achieve this? Here is how to make your site great for visitors:

  • Have it professionally designed or redesigned by experienced website designers
  • Make your calls-to-action visible and reachable to visitors
  • Optimize your website for mobile users. In fact, mobile visitors will make up about half of your site visitors, and you need this number to have a great experience

Having a website isn’t enough if the visitors don’t trust it due to poor design, experience, or mobile unfriendliness. A low-quality website equates to a low-quality firm upon first impression.

2. Content Marketing and SEO

Ever heard of the phrase “content is king”? This couldn’t be more true. There are many questions about probate lingering in the mind of your leads. Publishing content, such as blog posts, that help them get answers to these questions can help you generate more leads. But ensuring that these blog posts are of the highest-quality possible will help convert more of those leads into clients.

Combining the right content marketing strategy with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) makes it more effective. SEO refers to optimizing your pages and blogs for better search engine ranking. For example, if a person keys in ‘probate attorney near me’ on the browser, pages that rank for that keyword will appear at the top of search engine result pages (SERPs).

Therefore, one way to ensure your website is properly optimized is to integrate keywords relevant to your practice into your content. Content marketing doesn’t end with blog articles! FAQ pages, videos, and podcasts are also effective. The primary goal of content marketing is to inform your audience and answer their questions in order to build trust and authority in your area of practice.

3. Have Certifications, Awards, and Reviews on Your Site

Reviews and social proof play a critical role in showcasing your credibility as a firm. On average, most leads are likely to read business reviews before deciding whether to hire its services in the current digital era. Therefore, you’d want to have reviews or testimonials on your website pages and other review sites where potential clients can easily access them.

Another way to showcase social proof is to display achievement or accreditation badges on your website, e.g., BBB accreditation. This also includes personal achievements or awards of your legal team. Having these will further fortify the trust, leading to increased conversion.

The simplest and best way to obtain reviews is by asking your clients to leave them when closing on their cases. However, a review solicitation plan when a client is disbursed helps improve the conversion rate.

4. Have a Social Media Presence

More than ever, most leads are being sourced from social media platforms by intelligent businesses. Frequently posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok ensures you can be seen as well as engage your potential new clients.

An excellent social media presence allows you to leverage paid social media campaigns to reach more prospects. You can opt for professional social media services to better manage your firm’s social media profiles.

5. Update Your Google Business Profile

Formerly called Google My Business, Google Business Profile (GBP) allows you to create your business profile that the local population will see when they search for your law firm or related keywords on Google. This free account can revolutionize your marketing strategy if updated with relevant information about your probate law firm.

Once you claim your business profile, you get access to free tools that make it easy for local leads to find you on maps and searches. GBP also allows you to act on reviews left on Google, as well as update other information such as addresses and phone numbers. Additionally, Google Business Profile serves as a social media platform, so you can publish posts to inform your audience and encourage them to contact you when they have a specific legal tussle.

6. Email Marketing

Not all leads are ready to convert immediately. This is where email marketing comes in. With effective email marketing campaigns, you can nurture your leads until they are ready to convert.

But how do you build your email list? The first method is to have a ‘lead capture form’ on your website that asks for an email address before the site visitor can have access to some specific kinds of content. For example, you can create an e-book about probate administration for the audience to download. Other ways are to have an email text box in your ‘contact us’ form.

Send monthly updates to your email list contacts with highlights of new laws, blog posts, and client testimonials. In the long run, some of these leads will convert.

7. Paid Ads for Probate Attorney Marketing

One of the best tactics to find and convert leads is using paid ads such as Google Ads or Meta Ads. For instance, with Google’s PPC Ads, your page will rank at the top if a person searches for your target keyword on Google. And it is an established fact that most people will likely click a page that’s among the top of search engine result pages. Therefore, running PPC campaigns allows you to generate leads quickly.

Other paid Ads, such as Facebook Ads or YouTube ads embedded in videos, can also generate traffic to your website.

Ads also allow you to retarget visitors with ads on other websites or social media platforms.

A Word From Alerio

The correct probate attorney marketing strategy and implementation can easily steer your estate planning and probate law firm for growth and success. But for the approach to be a success, it needs more than you — it requires you to partner with a dedicated legal digital marketing professional or firm to do the heavy lifting on your behalf. At Alerio, we offer top-notch legal digital marketing services to elder law firms, including estate planning and probate practice. Contact us today to talk exclusively with one of our experts.