How to Create the Best Marketing for Estate Planning Attorneys

lawyer reviewing his marketing strategy made for estate planning attorneys

Like any other business, as an estate planning attorney, in order to survive and grow in a competitive market, you should invest in marketing your law firm. This is particularly crucial since an increasing amount of your prospective client base is considering online DIY options. Employing the best marketing for estate planning attorneys can help you grow a self-sustaining law firm. In this article, we delve into marketing tips to help grow your estate planning law practice.

Why Do You Need a Marketing Strategy for Your Estate Planning Law Firm? 

Marketing an estate planning law firm is important for several reasons, such as: maintaining a competitive edge, attracting new customers, and informing your clients about your business. 

It also positions your business as a trustworthy firm with matters concerning estate planning. Remember, people seeking legal services in estate planning are looking for solutions for their future. Therefore, they have the time to vet their options and try to find the best law firm in the market. By setting up a marketing strategy for your law firm, you can work to position your firm as the best option available

Here are other reasons why you should employ the best marketing for estate planning attorneys:

Change in the Market’s Dynamics 

Since the pandemic, total Google search volume for queries related to estate planning have grown by more than 250%. More people than ever before want to create a plan for their estates and designate their assets to their desired beneficiaries. This has created a considerable client base that you can maximize. To take advantage of this potential, you’ll need to build up the amount of optimized content on your website so that you are being found when people are searching for exactly what you have to offer.

It Helps You Establish Trust with Your Potential Clients 

Marketing your estate planning legal practice establishes it as a trustworthy establishment. This marks the beginning of a successful and robust client-attorney relationship. The best way to effectively keep an open line of communication with your customers is through email newsletters. Email marketing has the single highest ROI out of any other form of marketing!

Target Your Ideal Clients 

It’s easier to identify your ideal potential clients with a well-marketed estate planning law firm. This makes it easier to reach out to ideal clients. Targeting your marketing strategy to a specific client base makes your marketing smarter and maximizes your return on investment (ROI). With a solid paid ads strategy, you can get your message in front of people that fit your ideal client persona. There has never been a more effective targeting tool.

6 Best Marketing Tips for Estate Planning Attorneys 

Now that you understand why you need to market your business, here are the best 6 marketing tips you can use: 

Identify Your Buyer Personas

There are different kinds of clients who seek estate planning services. Identifying your ideal client early on in the marketing for estate planning attorneys process will help focus your time, resources, and energy on creating more leads and conversions. 

There are no specific categories for estate planning clients. This dynamic changes according to income, industries, and the nature of the issue that a client intends to solve. People from all kinds of financial backgrounds are looking for help with their estate planning.

Clients from certain groups have specific needs that need tailored marketing strategies. For instance, business owners are prone to many legal issues and usually have an existing relationship with a probate lawyer. Therefore, if you’re targeting them as one of your buyer personas, you should customize your marketing to meet their needs and position your practice as the best compared with their current one. 

Clearly Define Your Marketing Goals 

You cannot achieve your law firm’s objectives without measurable, achievable goals. Your goals must be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. This acronym may have variations, but the basic principle remains the same. Deciding on your marketing goals based on these principles will help your team work toward your vision. 

Identify What Makes You Different from Your Competitors 

Many other estate planning law firms are looking out for clients like you. Therefore, you need to play up differently from them to maintain a competitive edge for the clients available. One of the ways you can make your law firm different from competitors is by identifying specific pain points and positioning your firm as a source of relief. You can also position your firm by streamlining your services using user-friendly technology to make different tasks more convenient, and cheaper. 

Set Up an Online Marketing Strategy 

The internet is an ideal place to market and establish a business. A good digital marketing plan utilizes several online marketing strategies, such as search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, content creation, email marketing, and social media. Every marketing strategy has a different approach but is meant to achieve similar goals. That’s why you should involve legal digital marketing services to help you utilize these strategies to achieve your marketing goals. 

Should You Also Utilize Traditional Advertising Strategies?

As much as marketing has shifted online, traditional advertising can be effective in some cases, but its success or failure is less trackable. There are different ways you can build your local awareness using traditional advertising, including: 

  • Advertising your law firm in the local paper 
  • Setting up a billboard
  • Sponsoring a sports event 

The downside to these kinds of marketing or advertising strategies is measurability. With digital marketing, you can track exactly how many leads are being generated, from where, their conversion rates, their engagement rates, and all kinds of other things. You are able to get a better idea of who your clients are, and where new clients are coming from.

Consistently Evaluate Your Performance and Make Adjustments

An effective marketing campaign needs to be evaluated on a constant basis. That’s why you should emphasize the SMART system described above. It will help you assess your performance by reviewing your data and tracking your leads and conversion sources. 

Once you’ve understood your performance, you can review and adjust your marketing strategies and prioritize the most effective methods to help you achieve your desired goals. 

Marketing for Estate Planning Attorneys: Grow Your Firm with Alerio Digital Marketing 

You must have a solid marketing plan in order to grow your estate planning law firm. There are several strategies to employ; some you might be able to implement by yourself, while others require professional intervention. Working with a legal digital marketing agency can help you set up the best marketing for estate planning attorneys and help you achieve your desired results. Alerio offers full-service digital marketing services customized to your estate planning law firm. We have a proven track record of working with firms like yours to build successful marketing plans that meet your objectives. Contact us today and learn how we can help you.