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Casas Law Marketing Case Study

Casas Law needed a way to attract new leads but didn’t want to get into a bidding war with paid ads. Entering a crowded marketplace of South Florida-based personal injury lawyers, Casas Law decided they needed a website to draw in prospective clients and a strategy to get them there.

When Casas Law first approached us, they needed to start from the ground up with building their digital presence. With an outdated website and no social media presence, we had to create the foundation for their strategy to be built on. Given the saturated personal injury lawyer market in the area, Casas Law needed the right strategy to reach its target audience.

Marketing Strategy Solution

The first thing that was needed was a bilingual website that could not only serve as their digital footprint online but also be a tool that can capture and retain the attention of visitors in English and Spanish.

Next, we needed to create a content marketing strategy that would bring in traffic from search engines and resonate with users in a meaningful way. Topic clusters of blogs surrounding each practice area were created, while a multi-channel social media presence helped amplify the content even further. This included creating a YouTube channel, shooting specific content for it, and posting videos regularly.

Once the website was launched, it didn’t take long for the leads and traffic to begin coming in. Since launching the site in 2021, there have been massive improvements in traffic and leads to the website. Users and new users to the website are up by almost 80%. Goal completions are up 85%, and organic search traffic accounts for over 50% of traffic to the website. Over half of the leads generated by the website come from organic sources.

Currently, three of the top five traffic-getting pages on the website are Spanish blogs, and we’ve seen a lot of traffic come from organic sources to pages by way of having Spanish-translated content.

The Results

Casas Law currently sets new records for total traffic from organic sources each month. Comparing year-over-year totals (2022 to 2021), total traffic to the website is up 274%. New users to the website are up 289%, and sessions are up by 259%. Goal completions for filling out contact forms and signing up for their monthly email newsletter are up by 900%, which has led to an increased number of qualified leads.

At the same time, social media was bringing in its own level of sustainable traffic. Traffic from Facebook increased by over 800%, and channels like YouTube and LinkedIn have been added to the strategy further to increase Casas Law’s reach in the digital marketplace.

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