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Elder Law Social Media Management

Social media has become an integral part of business operations across all sectors of the economy. Legal professionals have also been forced to integrate their practice with social media to enable seamless interactions with potential clients. Law firm social media management has become the fastest way for lawyers to reach out to the public and share their specialties enabling people in need to find them. The use of proper marketing strategies in social media management is essential to bring law firms to the social media age where their operations can be streamlined. Gone are the days when lawyers would buy ad space in newspapers and magazines to market themselves. Social media platforms, blogs, videos, and podcasts are new avenues to connect with the public.

Marketing Elder Law

Marketing elder law is increasingly becoming attractive to law firms as the baby boomer generations are retiring and in need of better financial planning and organization of their assets. The elderly demographic offers a wealth of opportunities for lawyers and it is up to individual firms to position themselves in a way they can easily be identified by potential clients.  Law firms have various ways to market themselves with social media to place themselves in the right place to be identified by elder clients. Some of the best ways for law firms to leverage social media platforms and  market themselves include:

Developing a Social Media Engagement Strategy

Having social media platforms is not enough to entice potential clients to reach out for consultations. Engagement is central to any success any business has on social media and law firms have to invest in creating a viable engagement strategy. It entails working with professional influencers and marketing professionals who can advise on the best way to interact with potential clients. Developing an effective social media engagement strategy helps reduce the need for extra marketing efforts after launch. Organizations become more connected with potential clients creating a faster way to convince them of their services. More so, it enables an easy selection of preferred demographics that a company wants to target making for an effective marketing strategy. Everything a law firm does in marketing elder law packages should be influenced by its social media engagement strategy. A clear and unified engagement strategy ensures all social media platforms are approached in the same voice which helps maintain the firm’s image in public. In addition, it helps in getting a higher rank on various search engines which increases the site’s traffic.

Paid Social Media Ads

Newspaper and article placement has been replaced by paid ads across various social media and internet platforms. Law firms can introduce themselves to their targeted demographic by paying for ad space on platforms they frequently access. It is a proven strategy that results in more exposure on different platforms leading to higher chances of getting clients. Using influencers is also effective as powerful voices can influence their audience on what businesses they should consider for different issues. For instance, a popular influencer can push their elder audience to your law firm’s social media pages by stating you are professional in dealing with legal problems. A law firm should find an influencer with a large following that meets their criteria resulting in faster conversion rates.

Take Action and Address Your Law Firm’s Social Media Presence

Social media is the best place to reach out to your targeted demographic and it is up to you to ensure the law firm is perfectly placed to attract potential clients. Engaging with marketing professionals is vital in improving your social media presence and search engine rankings. In addition, implementing a viable social media engagement strategy has a significant impact on your law firm’s success. In need of a digital marketing audit? Look no further!  Reach out for a professional audit of your law firm’s social media presence, browse our case studies, download resources, and request a quote. Contact us today.


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