March 20, 2019


Does Money equal hapiness?

Americans, by nature, have always been known to strive for better and bigger. The conspicuous spending & consuming nation has turned into a nation of obscene disposability. We thrown away on a whim...This includes people as well as tangible goods. Learn More Arrows

Mortgage Industry News

Choosing a Mortgage Professional
A licensed real estate broker's advice.

Interest Rates - A Matter of Supply and Demand
Explains how supply and demand influence interest rates.

The Rise of the "Creative Class"
Global Economic Trends YOU Need to Know About

Debt collection in a nutshell
Collection explained simply.

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30 Year Fixed / Interest Only, 3/1 Fixed ARM Period / Interest Only, 5/1 Fixed ARM Period / Interest Only, 6 Month Adjustable / Interest Only, 1 Month Adjustable / Interest Only.
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1% Pay Option ARM, 1.95% Cash Flow Option ARM.
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Debt Consolidation Mortgage, Interest Only Mortgage, Mortgage After Bankruptcy, Debt Management, Adjustable Rate Mortgages.