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Mortgage Lenders

Ameriquest Is Among The Best

Ameriquest is among the best-known sub prime lenders in America. This private company started as a bank, but soon changed its business to mortgage lending with both wholesale and retail landings. The wholesale business was later spun off into separate businesses and renamed Long Beach Mortgage. Learn More Arrows

GMAC – More than Car Loans

GMAC, arguably one of the best-known names in the lending industry today, was founded in 1919 as a direct result of the assembly line production of cars. Until the company's conception, car dealerships simply bought one or two cars at a time to keep their lots stocked. With the number of cars then rolling off... Learn More Arrows

Option One Mortgage – For Your Home Mortgage Needs

Option One Mortgage is a subsidiary of H&R Block, and a company offering a wide array of products and services for those seeking a home loan. Option One retail home mortgage loans are administered through H&R Block Mortgage Company. Learn More Arrows

New Century Mortgage – Loans for Today’s Economy

New Century Mortgage was founded in 1995. The company and its subsidiaries - New Century Financial Corporation and Home 123 Corporation - have originated more than $70,000 in loans and are publicly traded on the New York Stock... Learn More Arrows

Wells Fargo Mortgage - Flexible Mortgage Financing

More than 150 years ago, Henry Wells and William G. Fargo had a dream. They imagined a company that would become the face of American banking. The beginning of that dream was the Wells Fargo Mortgage Company - a bank... Learn More Arrows

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